Frequently Asked Questions

Data Scientists

Tensoai’s focus is on creating an infrastructure that knows how to protect the data. We do this by using our Tensoai Network to do remote executions at the data source. Remote feature engineering is achieved through Differential Privacy, noise budgeting and other techniques that protect the data. This allows a statistical analysis of the data without seeing the RAW values. If more transparency is needed, noise budgeting can be reduced to enhance the speed of development.

All data is protected through privacy-preserving tools.

All models are secured under a 2048-bit RSA SSL connection.

BIAS data comes at many different stages, from data capture to processing, and development. At Tensoai, we work with greenhouse systems to ensure the data being captured is at the highest-quality, at the very beginning stage. This ensures that the bias is not amplified through each stage during the development

Currently, we are focussing on 3 main crops, tomatoes, cannabis, and leafy-greens; and two types of data: environment (sensor) data and plant vision. These high volume crops provide quick feedback loop cycles.
We are always investigating new data points, and will be expanding our library over the next few years.
If you have or are searching for other data, just let us know.


No, Tensoai doesn’t sell data. We provide a gateway for models to be run at the greenhouse. Data is never copied. At the end of every script, the device’s memory is cleared to ensure there is no remaining data trail. Additionally, the privacy-preserving tools used to develop models ensure total anonymity

Installation is super easy! Plugin both the power and ethernet cord (connected to your network) in an office or server room. We will handle the rest!

Elroy stays dormant until it is being called upon to run models. Running models is initiated by either a greenhouse system or a data scientist. An email will be sent to you before any model is run on your device.

Invoices and payment will be issued each month on the day of registration. Registration is only eligible once the device has been installed and verified (remotely) by one of our customer excellence technicians.

Payments are issued via PayPal, electronic banking or mail-out cheque.