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Here at TensoAI, we believe high productivity are embedded by the following criteria: culture, accountability, and team work.  We consistently push ourselves to over-think solutions while paying close attention to deliverables and expectations.

Our experts believe in our foundation and consistently create environments of mutual intellectual synergy, which results in over-exceeding expectations.

We are always here to help, and we are only a message away.  With our dedicated support SLA agreements, you always assured any inquiries are quickly answered and solved.

Data Science and ML Engineering are inherently tied to knowledge transfer from industry experts.  Communication is key and establishing trustful modes in transferring information to our experts is important.  We work with you and your existing systems to make it as easy as possible.

Ramen Dutta

CEO & Co-Founder

Ramen Dutta has 20+ years of experience building companies in the Agriculture and Technology space.  His background ranges from building sensors and robotics to developing complex data infrastructures to improve operational efficiency in AI development.   Within his first start-ups, Ramen has focused his efforts on developing tools in data capture, data collection and data management in the Agriculture space.  Currently, Ramen is focused with work around AI models and Data Infrastructures that will aid in future global sustainability.  

Gurpreet Singh

CTO & Co-Founder

Gurpreet has over 20+ experience in Software Development and Machine Learning experience.  He has completed countless projects, both as a developer and senior manager which has given him an understanding of important data structures.  Gurpreet has a B.Tech in Computer Engineering at the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, with a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  After completing his study, he join Motorleaf, Inc. a Quebec-based startup focusing around data collection in Greenhouse Technology, which drove his love for Agriculture Technology.

Naresh A. Thangaraju

Junior Machine Learning Engineer

Naresh has over 10 years of experience in Agriculture and Ag-related data.  He joined TensoAI back in May 2021 and has shown countless times his focus on Agriculture and the importance of data defining growth.  Naresh has recently defined his studies towards water technology which has greatly contributed to his Machine Learning experience at TensoAI.  Naresh holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree in Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering, where he graduated First Class with Distinction.  He continued Mcgill University where he holds a Master’s Degree in Bioresource Engineering and continues his PhD studies.

Eric Platon

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Eric, a software engineer at heart, is heavily involved in AI and Neural Networks. Co-Founder of 2 Agtech companies, Eric focuses on the intersection of technology and agriculture to best help farmers optimize their outputs. Pondus – focuses on using machine learning within the poultry industry, while Cosmos X interacts with AI in closed controlled environments. Eric holds 2 PhDs in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Software Engineering, and continuously guides junior data scientists towards machine learning engineers.

Gurnoor Sahni

Data Engineer

Gurnoor has started with TensoAI in June 2021.  She has proved herself countless times in Data Science, by creating python scripts for data management.  As an Engineer, she understands the importance of data structure, and its effects on Data Visualization and Data Analysis.  Gurnoor holds a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Computer Science at the Asra College of Engg. & Tech and has shown through her numerous years of work experience – her expertise in everything Data.

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